Manufactured Unit #4

Getting Closer To Jah

John and Janice are joined by award winning photojournalist Robert King for this no holds barred broadcast from Havana, Cuba. Forget everything you thing you know about Cuba, cigars and 40 year old cognac - Da McAfees set the record straight and open yet another glimpse into their life on the run.


Three Tabs In

A Glimpse of Motion

Few people, if any, are in a position to fully comprehend the life that John and Janice McAfee lead. This episode explores one small glimpse of a week in the life of this dynamic duo.


The Second Act

Kickin It With Da General Who Never Eats Out

John and Janice McAfee are joined by "Da General" for some heartwarming discussion and a tour of the island.


Numereo Uno

Meet up with John and Janice McAfee every Sunday for the "Kickin' It With Da McAfees" video podcast. Come rejoin the human race!